Summer has approached quickly, and fall will soon be right on our tales. One of the most simplistic yet beautiful ways to spend a night or weekend here in Revelstoke is camping. It is low on cost, high on fun, and we have some of the most coveted landscapes to wake up to and take in the view. Our towering mountains and crystal clear lakes make for some glorious weekends among friends or loved ones. If you’re looking for something more off the beaten path or with a few more comforts and luxuries, we’ve got you covered on where to go and what to bring!

Echo Lake

This breathtaking area, while often used to camp, doesn’t come equipped with amenities of a standard campsite so use caution and come prepared. Located at the end of Airport Way, you will need to head down a Bumpy Logging Road, so it is recommended to have a truck with four by four capabilities. Once you arrive, you will understand why this area is top of the list. You will arrive at a small lake surrounded by rugged forest and a mountain range you may want to write home about. The water is surprisingly warmer than other Revelstoke lakes. That means you can take in a lengthier swim, float, or any other water activity that tickles your fancy. Depending on the time of year, you may experience nature in all its glory. Thousands of little tadpoles congregate near the shallow areas and can be enjoyed even from the shore. Some other activities to enjoy are fishing, picnicking, (nonmotorized) boat activities, and a 1.3k hike around the lake. This hike gives you access to several different vantage points of the lake, all accessible, all awesome.

Eagle Bay

Located near the ferry before crossing over to Nakusp, Eagle Bay is a recreation site that far surpasses many other camping areas. The plots are spacious and spread out. There are multiple toilets nearby that are very well maintained, for most of them, you have waterfront access just a few steps away. If you are lucky to get there early enough, you may get the coveted few spots located directly on the shoreline next to the boat launch. Or perhaps you fancy an inland plot and want to explore on foot. In which case, hang on to your bootstraps because there are several beach area so secluded, you’d think they’re your private haven. Plus epic fishing, boating and exploring rocky and hilly terrain that will give you viewpoints as far as the eye can see. Take a kayak and explore the area, or grab your favorite book and hang out on dry land to some of the best backdrops Revelstoke has to offer.

Williamson Lake

This is another designated camping area and is a favorite camping spot for tourists and locals. Its appeal comes from its access to nearby water that is significantly warmer than your usual Glacier runoff water; a concept that’s become synonymous with Revelstoke. It is an ideal place for a family with kids, and for those after-work dips you simply MUST have on those hot and sweater mid-summer months. There you will find a campground, a park, bathrooms, picnic areas and people enjoying a day or a week. The lake is small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in character. Look to either vantage point along the lake to find gorgeous views of mountain ranges you can only imagine in your dreams. This campground is kid and family-friendly, and you will often see children playing along the shore, in the water or on the dock. While the kids splish splash and have a ball, enjoy some fishing, paddleboarding or a nice swim. The camping spot keeps the whole family happy and any other passersby who want ease, comfort, and access; and as we know, the trio of any successful camping trip.

Boulder Mountain Resort

If you are looking for the glamping of camping in Revelstoke, look no further than Boulder Mountain Resort. Boulder Mountain is located off the highway and has many different amenities available ranging from basic needs to camping in luxury. The range of facilities available here is what sets this place apart from the rest. Places to set up tents, or rig your RV up are both available with full services. They also have suites that can serve as a cabin experience in a causal hotel setting. And the ultimate glamping experience is the newly introduced outdoor glamping tents equipped with full double or queen beds, television, fans, and outlets; the perfect amenity for those who don’t want to forgo the luxuries of being in town while still enjoying camping and the wilderness. Best of all, BMR has direct access to Boulder mountain, making this a haven for snowmobilers and ATV enthusiasts. Go for a hike or a ride, whatever you get your jollies on!

Checklist for a perfect weekend:



Foamy or sleeping matt

High-quality sleeping bag

Cooler with food to cook on open fires or with propane tanks (if fire ban in place)

Propane tank and burner (always good to have in case)

Pots and cooking utensils

Bug spray

Utensils and bowls/plates

Bear spray


Garbage bags

Toilet paper

Hand sanitizer

Water and other drinks



First aid kit


Folding chairs


Smiles and good attitudes

Bear safe container

(ideal especially in the backcountry)