Sure, going out to eat is great, but when your bank account could use a little R&R or you’ve got a hankering for a home cook meal, there are several options to pick up groceries in town. Whether you are looking for a one-stop shop or speciality items, Revelstoke does well in supplying the goods so you can head to the next potluck with that homemade lasagna, or splurge on a premade dish and passing it off as your own. We can keep a secret. Here’s a list of where to pick up food in town, and where to go when you’re looking for something a little more particular.

Save on foods

The largest and most diverse grocery store in town, Save on Foods in centrally located in town on Victoria Street near the Petro gas station. They have a good selection, fresh produce, and the staff are helpful and pretty well informed. If you have a Save on Rewards card, you can count on some big savings off your bill. They also have a nice selection of frozen products, pre-made frozen dishes and dessert. There is plenty of nearby parking, especially if you are driving something larger like an RV, it comes in handy to have somewhere easy to park.

South Side Market

Visited less frequently than Save on Foods, South Side Market a smaller but still fully equipped grocery store at your disposal near South Side in Revelstoke. This results in smaller lines, less busy aisles and helpful and friendly staff. They have an emphasis on international items sometimes not found in the larger chain groceries. I like to come here if I’m looking for a new sauce, or a new variety of biscuits and the prices are competitive with what’s available in town. The parking is also sufficient and is located along the bus route, making it easy to access.

Le Marche

When you’re looking for something a little more niche or speciality, Le Marche is the place to be. Their food is locally sourced, the products are fresh and their premium items are pretty fair priced. My favourite part of the market is, of course, the cheese counter! Offering unique options you wouldn’t otherwise find at the larger grocery store, they have an awesome selection of both hard and soft cheeses. I am a cheese lover so this is the highlight of my week picking out a few speciality cheeses; and with the occasional green dot signifying an earlier eat-by date, they can be so affordable, I can actually justify how quickly I devour them. They also have fresh breads, yummy pastas and nice sauces. This is the place to come and spoil yourself on local products, or high quality imported items, whatever your heart desires.

Ray’s Butcher Shop

If meat is a staple in your diet, then you definitely should check out Ray’s Butcher shop. Located behind Save on Foods and next to La Baguette, Ray and his staff are helpful and knowledgeable about the products they’re selling. The cuts are all done in house, and they’ll even do custom cuts on request, which is never a bad thing. The meat is of high quality while still remaining competitive with meat prices around town. They also have great selection and variety, so you’ll want to spend a day shopping around town for your necessities, and finish off with your specialities and must have items. Your tastebuds will thank you for it.