The world is changing. More and more people are turning to vegetarian and plant-based meal options when making dinner plans. It can be monotonous ordering what seems like the same veggie wrap or veggie burger that’s only consistent is it’s lacklustre and uninspired flavours. And fast food that’s veggie or plant-based can be non-existent in some towns and cities making life hard when it doesn’t need to be. Revelstoke is no stranger to diverse groups of people with a solid community adhering to vegetarian and vegan diets. While there are no exclusively vegan or vegetarian restaurants since the close of Green Moustache, there is still an abundance of veg-friendly places that offer creative and inventive vegetarian dishes that will leave your tastebuds dancing. So if you adhere to a strict diet, or you do a “veg day” a week, try these awesome spots for vegetarian goodness.

Taco Club

Tacos and Tuesdays have become synonymous with one another. There’s nothing that beats a drab Tuesday like a pitcher of sangria and a wet burrito. Taco Club is located on Mackenzie and has a number of good vegetarian options for you to nibble on. What’s even better is that many of the vegetarian options can be made vegan. Let the staff know your dietary preferences and they can suggest yummy vegan meals. Try the yam or avocado taco or burrito – both savoury and delicious. They offer grilled and crispy versions which both hit the spot but opt for the grilled if you’re trying to keep it healthier. Taco Club is muy delicioso for both Vegans and Vegetarians.

Taco Club

Pam’s Kitchen

Possibly the best place in town to try a number of mouth-watering, filling and completely vegetarian dishes. The menu serves both Indian and German food with a touch of Thai influence as well. Some favourites are the vegetarian pakoras and samosa. They have a whole vegetarian section on the menu of appetizing entrees that are created with experience, skill and thoughtfulness. The vegetarian sampler offers multiple veg dishes so you can try small portions of them all and pick your favourites! Our top picks here are the sag paneer, chana masala, and the aloo gobi sabzi. All 100% vegetarian and 100% delicious. If you are after vegetarian Indian cuisine, Paramjit’s Kitchen hearty yet savoury meals are the ticket.


Sushi Lovers unite at one of the two sushi restaurants in Revelstoke. Both are great quality, but our pick is Kawakubo, in part, because they have a higher offering of vegetarian sushi rolls and are clearly indicated on their menu. Once you experience this place, you’ll understand why it’s a top pick for this list. Try the Agedashi tofu to start, so much yumminess to be experienced there. Next sample any of their vegetarian sushi rolls. Our favourites are the Yam Yam maki roll or the Summertime roll. The Yam Yam Maki is a warm option and the Summertime is more of a fresh veggie roll. If you’re looking for something with more substance, try the Tofu Teriyaki, it’s a popular favourite and for good reason. The flavours and authenticity are off the charts and you feel the passion that goes into every dish.


A classy, stylish restaurant, the 122 adjoins with the Rivercity Pub and the Regent Hotel. The menu is more sophisticated and they didn’t skimp with their vegetarian options. They have a section “From the Garden” which includes both vegan and vegetarian choices. Stand out performances include the cauliflower steak and the antipasto platter made vegetarian. They take pride in catering to plant-based diets and the well-crafted menu exemplifies that perfectly. 


A local favourite for food, games, ambience and obviously the abundance of beers, both local and international available on rotation. Bierhaus is good for many things, including a wide selection of vegetarian options on their menu with vegan options also clearly marked. The shareable plates available are addictive, like their whole roasted artichoke or the marinade honey-baked halloumi, if you’re a fan of the savoury yet slightly creamy cheese, this plate will speak to you. For mains, their salad bowls are ridiculously good – grains, veggies and uniquely created dressings create a bowl of warm goodness. Of course, we didn’t forget the main event; the mac & cheese spectacular! This is a meal of carby, creamy, delicious goodness and is what you need if you’ve been shredding all day and want to feast!


Looking for a more casual experience that’s lighter on your wallet? The Nomad offers great food in a more relaxed setting. This restaurant is a go-to when you’re looking for fast, but still delicious and affordable eats. While the menu is quite straightforward, the vegetarian options are solid. Their falafel wraps are a personal favourite, their veggie burger is a strong contender too. They also have a tofu veggie burrito that can satisfy that Mexican craving when the mood strikes. If you’re looking for something lighter, they also have soups and salad options for a healthier alternative. Skip the fast-food chains for a fast and dirty bite; this would be our pick for fast food style eats, so we believe splurging on the most delicious is an absolute must.

Chubby Funsters

Have you gone full send and want a meal to match? Chubby Funsters ideal place for both vegan and vegetarian options. The restaurant embodies Revelstoke funky and creative vibe by offering a plethora of fusion and traditional meals you’ll love. Located in the heart of Grizzly Plaza, Chubby Funsters are both conveniently located and highly conscious of how they serve their vegetarian and plant-based foods. Many vegetarian dishes can be made vegan and their food menu has clearly marked vegetarian options. Our favourites include the roasted yam lettuce wraps as an appetizer – and if you haven’t replaced flour wraps with lettuce, you’ll be in for a treat. Finish with the beet lasagna, the zucchini pasta or the glory


Apres is on the menu at Rockford Grill. Had a long session on the hill and ready to nosh? Right at the base of the mountain, you’ll find Rockford Grill in all its cocktail and scenic glory. With beautiful mountain views right outside its doors, you can enjoy fine food and stare in awe at the beauty that surrounds us. Grab the veggie dumplings or the chilli edamame to start or as an appetizer if you’re not hungry for a full meal. If you are wanting the full experience, The Rockford Grill has the legendary Beyond Meat Burger – a game-changing product in the plant-based world. If you’re looking for more than a burger, the Thai curry and pad thai can both be made vegetarian. You might be hard-pressed to find vegan options here and the vegetarian menu is a little scarce, but the options that are available are well made and of high quality.