COVID-19 Update

The Resort Express will resume November 27th 2020.

Everything Revelstoke is committed to enhanced security measures for the comfort and safety of our guests.  For the Resort Shuttle Winter 2020 / 2021 this will include enhanced cleaning of vehicle interiors and face masks will be mandatory for all passengers.

You can read our full COVID-19 Safety Plan here.

Purchase your season pass online, send us your photo and we’ll have your pass ready to pick-up in our downtown office.


Adults Passes (19+) – $169

Youth Passes (18 or younger) – $89

Once you have purchased your pass, please upload your photo here.


Map and PDF schedule available here

Digital Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location Map available here

On smaller screens, please scroll right to view full schedule

Sat/Sun ONLY November 27th to December 18th & March 22nd to April 5th
DAILY service December 19th - March 21st

(Saturday / Sunday ONLY)

Daily Dec 18th to Mar 21st
& March 26th, 27th, April 2nd, 3rd & 4th

Big Eddy Pub6:057:25
Coast Hillcrest Hotel6:107:057:308:008:309:009:3010:0012:0013:1013:5014:2015:1515:3016:4017:1017:3018:0019:1020:20
Ramada Inn / Marriott6:157:107:358:058:359:059:3510:0512:0513:1513:5514:2515:2015:3516:4517:1517:3518:0519:1520:25
Stoke Hotel6:197:147:398:098:3909:099:3910:0912:0913:1913:5914:2915:2415:3916:4917:1917:3918:0919:1920:29
Sandman / Best Western6:207:157:408:108:409:109:4010:1012:1013:2014:0014:3015:2515:4016:5017:2017:4018:1019:2020:30
Le Marche6:277:227:478:178:479:179:4710:1712:1713:3714:0714:3715:3215:4716:5717:2717:4718:1719:2720:37
City Furniture6:297:247:498:198:499:199:4910:1912:1913:2914:0914:3915:3415:4916:5917:2917:4918:1919:2920:39
Taylor Street & Fourth6:317:267:518:218:519:219:5110:2112:2113:3114:1114:4115:3615:5117:0117:3117:5118:2119:3120:41
Southside Market6:327:277:528:228:529:229:5210:2212:2213:3214:1214:4215:3715:5217:0217:3217:5218:2219:3220:42
Journey's Perch6:347:297:548:248:549:249:5410:2412:2413:3414:1414:4415:3915:5417:0417:3417:5418:2419:3420:44
Nichol & Beruschi6:367:317:568:268:569:269:5610:2612:3613:3614:1614:4615:4115:5617:0617:3617:5618:2619:3620:46
Nichol & Hay6:387:337:588:288:589:289:5810:2812:3813:3814:1814:4815:4315:5817:0817:3817:5818:2819:3820:48
RMR Turnaround Arrive6:427:378:028:329:029:3210:0210:3212:3213:4214:2214:5215:4716:0217:1217:4218:0218:3219:4220:52
RMR Turnaround Depart10:1012:3513:4514:3014:5515:2015:5016:0516:2016:4017:0017:2017:4518:0518:3519:4520:55
Nichol & Hay10:1212:3713:4714:3214:5715:2215:5216:0716:2216:4217:0217:2217:4718:0718:3719:4720:57
Nichol & Beruschi10:1612:4113:5114:3615:0115:2615:5616:1116:2616:4617:0617:2617:5118:1118:4119:5121:01
Journey's Perch10:1712:4213:5214:3715:0215:2715:5716:1216:2716:4717:0717:2717:5218:1218:4219:5221:02
Southside Market10:1912:4413:5414:3915:0415:2915:5916:1416:2916:4917:0917:2917:5418:1418:4419:5421:04
Taylor Street & Fourth10:2012:4513:5514:4015:0515:3016:0016:1516:3016:5017:1017:3017:5518:1518:4519:5521:05
Poppi's Hostel10:2112:4613:5614:4115:0615:3116:0116:1616:3116:5117:1117:3117:5618:1618:4619:5621:06
The Grizz10:2212:4713:5714:4215:0715:3216:0216:1716:3216:5217:1217:3217:5718:1718:4719:5721:07
Third & Charles10:2412:4913:5914:4415:0915:3416:0416:1916:3416:5417:1417:3417:5918:1918:4919:5921:09
Douglas & Hanson10:2512:5014:0014:4515:1015:3516:0516:2016:3516:5517:1517:3518:0018:2018:5020:0021:10
Wright & Second10:2612:5114:0114:4615:1115:3616:0616:2116:3616:5617:1617:3618:0118:2118:5120:0121:11
Stoke Hotel10:2912:5414:0414:4915:1415:3916:0916:2416:3916:5917:1917:3918:0418:2418:5420:0421:14
Sandman / Best Western10:3012:5514:0514:5015:1515:4016:1016:2516:4017:0017:2017:4018:0518:2518:5520:0521:15
Ramada Inn / Marriott10:3212:5714:0714:5215:1715:4216:1216:2716:4217:0217:2217:4218:0718:2718:5720:0721:17
Coast Hillcrest Hotel10:3713:0214:1214:5715:2215:4716:1716:3216:4717:0717:2717:4718:1218:3219:0220:1221:22
Big Eddy Pub10:4413:0918:1918:3921:29
Nordic Schedule
Dep. Coast Hillcrest Hotel10:3713:02
Big Eddy Pub10:4413:09
Arr. Nordic Ski Club10:5213:17
Dep. Nordic Ski Club11:0513:3015:00
Big Eddy Pub11:1313:3815:08
Arr. Ramada / Marriott11:2013:4515:15
Arr. Coast Hillcrest Hotel11:2513:5015:20

Why use the Resort Express?

Running from all major hotels in town right to the base of the mountain, the resort express is not only affordable but good for the environment too. Whether you purchase a single or seasons pass you can leave your keys at home and let us worry about the driving. No need to search for parking, trek through the lot to find your vehicle or figure out who will be D.D. after a big day on the hill, the shuttle continues after the gondola closes giving you enough time for après.

Single rides are just $4 per person. Drivers do not handle cash or make change.  Please ensure you have exact change.

Terms & Conditions

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your shuttle time, there can often be line-ups at peak times. Shuttles run within 20 minutes during peak times of the day during the busy season of December 19th to March 20th so your ride is not far away.

There are conductors that take random rides during the day to check everyone’s passes & tickets so please keep them with you during your ride, extra ID may be requested. Please ensure you refrain from smoking and drinking on the Express and our drivers reserve the right to deny passage should there be any reason to cause distress to other riders or the driver.

Season Passes are non-refundable, and any lost passes will incur a $20 administration/re-issue fee.