COVID-19 Update

SUV & Van Private Transfers will continue to operate year-round.

Everything Revelstoke is committed to continued social distancing measures for the comfort and safety of our guests. For example, there will be enhanced cleaning of vehicle interiors and the maximum capacity will be 50% of the available seats in the larger vehicle type we’ll be using this Winter.

You can read our full COVID-19 Safety Plan here.

Private Transfers cut down on wait time at the airport and ensure the vehicle is reserved specifically for your group and your group only. At Everything Revelstoke we pride ourselves on the ability to provide you with a solution to any of your transportation needs; we have a variety of different vehicles, from smaller 5-passenger SUVs to larger 24 passenger busses, and can cater to any itinerary, providing you with a punctual, safe and enjoyable trip wherever you need to go. We operate Private Transfers year round.


Revelstoke (to/from)SUV (max passengers)Van (max passengers)Small Bus (max passengers)
Kelowna Airport$654 (up to 4 pax)$779 (up to 6 people)$675 (up to 10 pax)$800 (up to 14 pax)$885 (up to 16 pax)$1010 (up to 24 pax)
Calgary$1450** (up to 4 pax)$1575** (up to 6 people)$1636** (up to 10 pax)$1761** (up to 14 pax)$1850** (up to 16 pax)$1975** (up to 24 pax)
Big White$858 (up to 4 pax)$983 (up to 6 people)$943 (up to 10 pax)$1068 (up to 14 pax)$1085 (up to 16 pax)$1210 (up to 24 pax)
Kicking Horse$558 (up to 4 pax)$683 (up to 6 people)$614 (up to 10 pax)$739 (up to 14 pax)$706 (up to 16 pax)$831 (up to 24 pax)
Silver Star$592 (up to 4 pax)$717 (up to 6 people)$676 (up to 10 pax)$801 (up to 14 pax)$761 (up to 16 pax)$886 (up to 24 pax)
Sun Peaks$858 (up to 4 pax)$983 (up to 6 people)$943 (up to 10 pax)$1068 (up to 14 pax)$1085 (up to 16 pax)$1210 (up to 24 pax)
Banff$1008 (up to 4 pax)$1133 (up to 6 people)$1152 (up to 10 pax)$1277 (up to 14 pax)$1250 (up to 16 pax)$1375 (up to 24 pax)
Lake Louise$816 (up to 4 pax)$941 (up to 6 people)$932 (up to 10 pax)$1057 (up to 14 pax)$1049 (up to 16 pax)$1174 (up to 24 pax)
Nakusp$450 (up to 4 pax)$575 (up to 6 people)$540 (up to 10 pax)$665 (up to 14 pax)$675 (up to 16 pax)$800 (up to 24 pax)
Mica Staging Area$531 (up to 4 pax)$656 (up to 6 people)$584 (up to 10 pax)$709 (up to 14 pax)$672 (up to 16 pax)$797 (up to 24 pax)
Mustang Powder Staging Area$300 (up to 4 pax)$425 (up to 6 people)$360 (up to 10 pax)$485 (up to 14 pax)$450 (up to 16 pax)$575 (up to 24 pax)

Need a location or vehicle we don’t have listed?

We’ve got you covered! We can create a custom itinerary for your specific travel needs; it’s what we do! Shoot us an email, or give us a call.

Terms and Conditions

**Trips departing from Calgary are subject to a $95 pick-up fee.

Cancellations made 48 hours outside the scheduled departure time are 100% refundable.

Cancellations made within 48 hours of departure time are non-refundable.

For full terms and conditions please see our terms and conditions page.