Grizzly Hockey Game

Revelstoke is well known for its small-town vibe and an unbeatable sense of community; their local hockey games encapsulate all of these core traits that make Revy not just a great ski town, but a special place to be and get acquainted with. Tourists and locals alike flock to the weekly games to support their team with fierce loyalty. You’ll only need to go to one game to understand what the hype is all about. The hockey is packed with action, skill and a fight or two, but the energy in the stands is what makes this a stand out event. The fans give off the kind of energy that can really pull you in, making you root for the Grizzlies like they were your own home team. Half time comes with an entertaining frisbee toss that guarantees fun and interesting prizes. This event is perfect for a family night or kicking back with some friends having a few beers in the beer garden, everyone will have a ball and with what is arguably the best poutine in town, this will be a night to write home about!


Looking for a challenging, adrenaline packed sport that takes you up the mountain and high above the clouds? Revelstoke boasts some of the best snowmobiling in the country for the same reason people all over the world come here to ski, the immaculate powder and continuous snowfall throughout the season. Revelstoke has some of the best snow conditions, so you can take bigger leaps, catch more air and really give it your all! Or if you’re looking for a cruiser day, to get outside, and take in the views, Revelstoke serves a hearty helping of breathtaking landscapes. Enormous trees decorated with light fluffy snow amidst a backdrop of majestic mountains gives you all the feels. So if you want to feel infinitely powerful and infinitely small at the same time, give snowmobiling a go this winter when you’re looking to take a day off from skiing. Both tours and rentals are available and can take you high up Boulder mountain or Friday ridge, depending on weather conditions, see ya out there!

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Dog Sledding

When I first booked dog sledding, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Would the dogs be these mountain ferocious beasts? Would it be more engaging or more passive? Would I enjoy It? And as it turned out, this is still undeniably one of my favourite winter memories here in Revelstoke. We arrived at the trail and assisted the tour operator in unloading and setting up the dogs. As an animal lover, I was concerned with how the dogs would be treated and was pleasantly surprised to see how much love and connection the dog’s owners had for his pooches. He insisted that we meet them all by name, give them love, attention and time prior to going for a ride. This set a very positive tone for the tour, I felt that their well being was his priority, and this detail really stuck in my mind. He educated us about the dogs, about their diet, about their need for exercise and I couldn’t get enough of these adorable yet strong and powerful dogs. Once they were set up and ready to roll, we hopped on the sled, and we were off! I was immediately engaged and excited by the speed, I was happy to learn it was fast enough to make my heart race, but still totally safe for the young ones or a cautious Cathy. As we were pulled along a glorious trail with unbeatable views, I got a moment to actually take it in. It’s a surreal, heart racing and almost primal feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and as an added bonus I got to meet a litter of pups from a new mother and it was a perfect end to a fantastic day!

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Axe Throwing

Chasing an afternoon or evening event? Or just want to do something indoors? Axe throwing is on the docket. Located right downtown, the environment screams industry as you walk in. The smell of fresh lumber and historical photos plastered on the wall paints a picture of a simpler time where chopping wood was essential for warmth and survival. There are several types of games you can play, all introduced and explained by the tour operator. The owner and operator’s passion and charisma make axe throwing a personal favourite of mine: he can really get a party going and really up the ante on throwing an axe. Plus going head to head with some mates to see who will come out on top is always a fun-loving way to spend an evening. There’s a few tables and chairs if you wanted to bring a pizza and overall, the vibe is a place you feel comfortable just hanging out and throwing some axes. So brush up on your aim and try to hit the bullseye!

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Hot Springs

If you’re looking for a rest day from skiing, or just want more of a relaxing activity, natural hot spring pools would be the most ideal way to release tensions from your body while looking out into an incredible view. There are hot pools varying in temperature, plus a cold blast to dunk yourself into, giving the old immune system a wake up call while helping your muscles recover from activity. It is just a short drive and ferry ride to the spa and is a can’t miss activity for a loungey day or a chilly night, and if you get hungry, pop into the restaurant and enjoy a high quality, dining experience while overlooking a mountainous picturesque view that is bound to leave a lasting impression. You could go all out and make an evening of it; book a massage and stay the night in one of their suites ranging from cabin to luxury suite and everything in between! This place has everything!

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