Who doesn’t love to chase a waterfall or two? Summer or winter, waterfalls are a great way to feel immersed in nature, and can often take less work to get to, while still providing a beautiful reward. The sound of rushing water among a rugged backdrop and lush forest is mesmerizing and has a calming effect on anyone who comes for a visit to refresh and recharge. There are usually tons of places to explore that you can hang out and get lost in the hypnotic sounds. Revelstoke is robust with water access, forests and several trail walks and when the mood strikes, waterfalls that will blow you away. The following are some of our favorites, and after a visit, they’ll become your favorites too! Put them all on your list, but prepare yourself by researching conditions and access to these areas, especially during offseason.

Sutherland Falls

Nestled off the highway near Blanket Creek, Sutherland Falls is easily one of the most visually stunning waterfalls in the Revelstoke area. About a 20-minute drive from town, you take 23 highway and take a left after the bridge onto the small lot. In the summer, the road will be open, and you can drive down to a lower lot and head to the falls by foot. The walk is between 2-4 minutes, and the destination is breathtaking. If you are trekking for the “icy winter wonder” of it all, you’ll need to walk down the looping road which could take a bit longer; about 10-15 (Try snowshoeing it, the views are gorgeous on a clear day). The area has a powerful energy to it. It’s enclosed on either side of the falls, amplifying the sound of rushing water. It flows into a beautiful blue pool and out beyond large rocks covered in moss, massive tree stumps, and jagged rocks. There’s a ton of intrigue to the landscape here; it’s ideal to leave most of the mystery to the experience. Needless to say, this place is memorable.

Akolkolex Falls

A little further down the way from town, about an hour on Airport Rd Way, Alkokelex is also very well deserving of a top position on this list. The faint sound of water crashing can be heard the moment you begin your trail walk and amplifies to a mighty roar the closer you approach. There are a few vantage points; the rock knob might be too narrow and dangerous for the faint of heart, but worth it for a glimpse of this mighty and powerful lower waterfall. This hike can range from easy to difficult depending on how much you explore, but you wouldn’t need to commit a ton for a great view looking down on the falls. If you do descend to the lower section, use caution as it can be slippery, but goodness is it worth it! Vibrant greens and browns paint the area in vivid, earthy shades; it is worthwhile to explore these parts, and won’t take the whole day (between 1-2 hours). Water levels differ depending on the time of year, and as this area is accessible in winter, do some research when heading out during the snowy months. But otherwise, this spot is a can’t miss!

Begbie Falls

I’m sure you’ve been acquainted with Mt. Begbie. You know, that larger than life, majestic mountain, easily visible from all parts of town that often takes your breath away? Ya, that’s the one. Frequently praised for its beauty, this old thing has more to offer than looks. It is a rock climbing mecca, robust with mountain bike trails, a mean full-day hike to the top, and of course the waterfall that’s both quirky and downright mesmerizing. Begbie is accessible by several routes, including a gorgeous trail walk that takes you past climbing walls, and bike trails using a relatively straightforward, but fun and engaging hike. To get to the entrance, take Highway 23 toward Mt. Begbie Road and park in the lot. Another option, and our personal favorite, is to grab a canoe, and a buddy, and paddle across the short lake toward the beach. Then you can take the trail to the falls instead. Upper arrow lake is a beautiful canoe ride and the perfect start and endpoint to a waterfall adventure. The area is super scenic and allows you to take in a 360-degree view of your surroundings. There’s much to do about Begbie but start with the falls and a perhaps a casual canoe ride.

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Moses Falls

The very first waterfall I had visited in Revelstoke, Moses falls is nostalgic and close to my heart. Also located off Highway 23 South, you might need some local knowledge to get to this hidden gem. A lesser-known falls since it is unmarked and therefore less visited by the public, you will need to turn on to a dirt road off of Westside Road. The hike in is minor, sometimes crossing over a gentle stream and is quite short, but when you arrive don’t be surprised if you end up in awe. It’s broad and depending on the time of year, can be several small flowing streams or a powerful unified blast of gushing water. Both are worth your time and appreciation. Although lower on the list, Moses Falls has great Instagram potential, it’s photogenic patterns and flow capture well. So don’t forget your camera for this one. Heck, bring out the big guns; the hike is small, so relatively low risk of damaging your coveted DSLR.

Each of these waterfalls has its own unique character and can be a great way to get your nature fix without committing to a longer, more challenging hike. They provide the community with an area that’s easily accessible to sit with a bagged lunch and collect your thoughts while enjoying the beauty of nature and rush of sheer power. If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed a healthy dose of the outdoors, take your pick of any spot for your next recharge!