The secret is out. Revelstoke is home to jaw-dropping mountains and alpine terrain well suited for the beginner and novice, to the thrill-seekers and powder hounds alike. With record snowfalls and a community all sharing in the stoke, exploring this beautiful landscape is top priority, and there are more ways than one to do that. Snowmobiling has grown in popularity over the last few years, and those numbers are travelling to Revelstoke to hunt for the legendary, untouched snow and sledding trails that have started to receive global recognition. This guide was created to get you up the mountain and into the pow. So if you are looking for rentals, wanting to hop on a tour or simply want to know where to go in Revelstoke, this is your guide to snowmobiling in Revelstoke. If you are unfamiliar with Revelstoke terrain, always ride with someone who knows the area well, or hire a guide with knowledge of the area, have avalanche safety training and know where it is safe to ride.

Where to get Rentals

Folks who are coming to Revelstoke with strong experience sledding in deep powder and alpine terrain, opting for a rental in town could be your pass to untouched, otherworldly sledding you could only imagine in your dreams. There are a few rental companies in town that can sort you out with a snowmobile that is well suited to the snow conditions and can offer tips on where to go to enjoy the snow while staying safe in the backcountry. Try Revelstoke Sled Rentals, Full Speed Rentals or Extreme Power Sports for snowmobiles who stock quality brands like Ski-doo, Yamaha or Polaris. They also offer safety gear so you can have your next adventure with knowledge and peace of mind. Be sure to speak to your local rental operators on current snow conditions, ride worthy trails for the time of year, and high avalanche spots to avoid in addition to checking avalanche forecasts and snow reports.

Get on a Tour

For the novice rider or those just beginning to explore Revelstoke’s epic trails, a snowmobiling tour provides an opportunity to break into the Revelstoke snowmobiling scene while riding a capable machine in a safe environment. Expert Guides will take you up the Frisby Ridge and Boulder Mountain to acquaint you with the alpine trails and offer insider knowledge on the sweet spots above the clouds. What’s best is the tour is equipped with powerful sleds that are well maintained by highly knowledgeable people who have tons of experience on the mountain. The biggest appeal for a tour is fun and safety. This is especially true for novice snowmobilers or those unfamiliar with the local area. Ride with people who know how to enjoy the mountain while staying safe in the snow.

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Before You Ride

Before heading out in Revelstoke, be sure to check the snow report and avalanche forecast in the area, have the necessary avalanche and safety gear, and always ride with someone familiar with the area. Once you have completed the required preparation, have a gander on our picks for epic snowmobiling trails on larger than life mountains you can only expect from a place like Revelstoke.

Where To Ride

Sale Mountain

A local favourite, Sale mountain is smaller than most areas but has supreme conditions when the time is right. Since BC Hydro has a microwave tower at the summit which is accessed by a 20-kilometre road, this makes early season riding possible and the snow conditions are usually top-shelf. Midseason has caribou habitat closures so opt for this area in early and late season riding. To get there, drive roughly 15 kilometres north of Revelstoke on Highway 23 towards Mica Creek. You can access it from the highway and ride the trail up to the summit.

Boulder Mountain

With trails suitable for everyone from the beginner to the expert rider, it’s clear why Boulder Mountain is a top pick for snowmobiling in Revelstoke. Some notable features of Boulder are more than 50 kilometres of snowy trails across 150 square kilometres of terrain filled with deep powder bowls. To get there head to westside road, west of Revelstoke off highway 1. Try Sugar Bowl or Super Bowl or if you’re looking for those awe-inspiring views, try summit trail. Boulder Mountain is typically available to ride from November to June.

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Frisby Ridge

If you’re looking for 60 kilometres of trails winding through pristine scenery atop incredible alpine terrain, Frisby ridge is a go-to for snowmobilers in Revelstoke. This spot is great for beginners looking for challenging terrain and breathtaking views across the five-kilometre ridgeline. If you’re looking to get to the highest point, take the trails which are all well marked. There you will find the most breathtaking landscape you could imagine through this beautiful mountain range. If you’re still new to riding here, expect deep powder and often challenging hill climbs, you’ll be best suited on the groomed trails. Frisby can be accessed by the same route you would take to get to Boulder Mountain on Westside Road. Seasonal closures for habitat protection are in place at Frisby so check the access for when you want to hit the trails.

Mount McCrae

This mountain offers untouched ungroomed roads and alpine terrain just right for a Saturday morning boost with the family. Experience 75 kilometres of smooth ungroomed powder that rides well for any level, giving beginners enough of a challenge so they can improve their skills. Located down Airport Way, south from Revelstoke about 20 kilometres. If you’re feeling more adventurous, head up to a high alpine area for challenging and mutually rewarding riding. If you are unfamiliar with this area, you should hire a guide to show you the terrain. Do not ride on active logging roads and always check avalanche conditions and snow reports before heading out into the backcountry.