Revelstoke Mountain Resort is known for many great things. Boasting the title of longest vertical descent in North America, it is a world-renowned heli-ski mecca, and the only resort that can give you access to cat skiing, heli-skiing and backcountry skiing from the base of the mountain, the second steepest mountain in North America, and some of the best powder you will come across. And with 75 marked inbound runs, you may feel like the possibilities are endless. If however, if you would like to try something a little off the beaten path, or have shredded the marked runs over and over and are keen to find some hidden runs at RMR, this list of the best kept secret stashes or unmarked runs on the resort is your ticket to some new and less known terrain on the mountain. Have a look at our list and get your jollies on with some fresh tracks. Please note that some options here are for advanced or expert riders, so use plenty of caution and always ride with someone familiar with the area before going and exploring new parts of the mountain.

Snow Rodeo Gully

Snow rodeo is one of those epic top to bottom runs that might have become part of your regularly scheduled routine. Marked as a black diamond on the upper pitch, it changes in steepness as it descends to a sweet cruisy blue. You can find the run to the left of the Stoke chair (lookers right). Beginning at the top, if you hang a right, you’ll reach a half pipe gully that’s delicious to ride on a powder morning. It is also one of the first few runs that become tracked out. It’s ungroomed and untouched, making powder hounds everywhere experience thier wildest dreams come true. It is ideal with epic snow conditions and something to avoid when things are looking hard packed or icy. 

Aspen Glades Mountain Bike Trail

On the lower part of the mountain, you’ll find a slope called Aspen Glades. It’s a fun-loving trail with spaced out trees. A few summers past saw a mountain bike trail built, and with that, a secret mountain trail which you can ride. Here, you will find big berms and a few tabletop jumps. The path is only accessible about halfway down the lower mountain. You will find that it’s far too flat to access it before that. You’ll want to ride half of Aspen glades, then catch the mountain bike trail for a hop skip and jump kind of lap.

3 Bears

Three Bears is more of an advanced area. It opens at the same time the resort opens Sweet Spot. On a powder morning, anticipate it’ll be closed due to avalanche closures, so avoid it on powder mornings until closures are clear. To get to Three Bears, you will need to hike to Sweet Spot. Once you arrive at the top of Sweet Spot, prepare to drop in. You should see a rope line on your right, follow that to arrive at The Three Bears. Once you’re into the terrain, you’ll find that it’s a cliffy zone, but you’ll see that you can easily ski around of the cliffs. There are three notable cliffs; poppa bear, momma bear, baby bear, and plenty more around them. To anyone who intends on riding this area and not skiing off the cliffs, it is crucial to be mindful not to traverse or ski the landing of the cliff as that will impact the next rider who wants to send it off them. Packing snow and making tracks affects the quality and ability to ski these cliffs. So use caution but enjoy this incredible section of terrain! 

Harry Potter Trail

This trail is top notch tree skiing. You may actually feel like you’re in Harry Potter. After the Stoke Chair, ski all the way down the Last Spike until you reach the first switchback, and then on the second switchback, head to the outside edge of the track, you’ll see an area where the run funnels into the trees, so ski that funneled run, and you’ll eventually end up in the mystical looking, spaced out Harry Potter tree. See if you can find this hidden run at RMR!

Pink and Stink

This run is actually two shoots at the end of Gracias Ridge. Be weary as this is advanced rider terrain. It’s hard to get to, so use plenty of caution and always ride with someone familiar with the area before going and exploring new parts of the mountain. If you do go here, make sure the person is familiar with Gracias Ridge, as Pink and Stink sits on Gracias Ridge, and it has many cliffs and steep terrain. Once you’re on Gracias Ridge, which will require you to boot pack, ski to the end of the ridge, and you’ll be able to find Pink and Stink. It can be challenging to find, so don’t get discouraged if at first you don’t succeed, dust that pow off, and try again.

Euphoria Shack

On the mountain near Critical Path Glades, there’s a hidden shack. That shack is then followed by a fantastic pillow field, which is then followed by some very dense trees. This area is, without a doubt, expert-level terrain. Around Critical Path Glades, off the beaten trail, look for a little shack with a swing, and a bench to sit on. You’ll be heavily rewarded with a pillow field, then challenged by tight and thick trees. The perfect recipe for a gnarly day!



Parachute is a chute on Vertigo ridge. It’s the last chute you can take to get into North Bowl on the ridge. Parachute is an epic spot to check out after it receives avalanche clearance. Once you drop into Parachute, it is very tight. Although it’s tight, you don’t necessarily have to straight line; there is enough room to ski slide. Once you get down the chute and are into the open, you come to some very steep terrain. This option is ideal for advanced skiers on a powder day, when the snow is super deep. As soon as you descend through the shoot, aim hard left to follow the foot band and traverse as high as you can. Once there, find your gnarliest line and drop-in. The terrain is very steep; you’ll ride from there and end up on the cat track that leads from the Ripper Chair to the Stoke.

We intended this guide for advanced or expert skiers. If you are looking for beginner green runs or intermediate blue runs, have a look at our guides for both options in our blog section!