So you’ve got your chops up and can ride green runs comfortably (thank goodness). Or you’ve been an intermediate rider for some time now and are looking for the best routes at RMR. And here we are, ready to conquer Revelstoke’s intermediate pistes, which, if you have ridden RMR or heard the rumours, know that a blue run on this mountain can easily pass for a black trail elsewhere in terms of steepness. We don’t get the name “steep and deep” for nothing. Luckily many options are super fun, have tons of diversity and can provide all the experience you need to become an advanced skier. Check out our favourite picks for Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s best blue Intermediate runs.

Snow Rodeo

Snow rodeo is a go-to run at RMR and starts from the top of the Stoke Chair and you can follow it down the entirety of the resort. It’s long, fast, has lots of rollers and fun areas to pop off and catch some air. There are many gladed areas surrounding Snow Rodeo that are ripe for the picking when there is fresh pow. Snow Rodeo kicks off by exiting right from the Stoke Chair and it is the first run after the warming hut. It’s important to note the run starts as a black diamond, then after the first section of the run changes to blue. Try not to let the black section at the top intimidate you too much. Although the slope is a little steeper, there are flatter, mellower sections intermittantly throughout the top where you can preform speed checks and regain control. You can easily avoid the black section by skiing down the first part of the Last Spike (green) and enter after the first major turn when you see the signs for Snow Rodeo when it transitions to a blue run.

Blow Down

Blow Down is a short but sweet run accessed through the Ripper chair. After leaving the Ripper chair, turn right at the fork and follow the signs to Blow Down. There is a small bowl to jump off near the top if you want some air time and speed. This is a very flowy and fun lap that isn’t too steep but still allows you to go at a steady pace. When the snow is dumping, this run is all time, especially if you arrive early in the morning for first chair. You can easily straight line it or opt for some wide-open curvy turns. A great bonus about Blow Down is the tight glades on both left and right of the run. There is often some incredible powder stashes to be found there. A bonus of these glades is that if you find yourself with too much speed, you can turn back out into the open area while you regain your composure and maybe find yourself a new pair of underwear. The run continues down to the Sally Ally and the blue run Burndown.

Burn Down

Burn Down is exactly that – a chance to confidently burn down the hill on a nice wide open run with a moderate pitch. The start of the trail is steeper, then mellows out as the run descends, allowing you to also ease off on the burn surely going on through your legs. A bonus of Burn Down is the glades that surround the run both on the left and right. These gladed runs are the same steepness of Burn Down but with moderately tight trees and, depending on snow conditions, frequent moguls – another very fun section to ride in but watch your speed first run. The rest of the run continues down to the Ripper chair where you can do it all over again.

Critical Path

When existing left off of the stoke chair, one of the many fun ways down the hill is via Critical Path. It is a groomed blue with a moderate pitch. Overall, it is consistently steep, so keep your speed in check the first time you hit the run. It is a fun run to send it down and gain some speed – opt to do it with style though as you’re on display to the Stoke chair for every rider’s viewing pleasure. Critical Path continues down to the stoke chair but is also a way to get to the Ripper chair. Tasty Glades is adjacent to Critical Path if you want some tree time, where there are some fun and often technical riding due to tight trees.


A fun way to get yourself to the Stoke Chair is on Hollywood which is accessible from the Last Spike or Snow Rodeo Upper (black). Hollywood isn’t too steep at the start and is quite wide so very fun to use the space, it then gains some steepness and width and allows you to rip down with significant speed. It narrows at the end and merges with The Last Spike so be aware of your fellow riders as everyone merges at the end of their respective runs. Hollywood is a favourite on the Stoke side as a start or end to the day.