Living in or traveling to a world-class ski resort mountain town has its perks, but that’s not to say it doesn’t come with its challenges as well. Revelstoke, often given the endearing name Revelstuck can at times be challenging to navigate in and out of, especially during an all-time epic snowfall season. This guide serves as a how-to get in, around, and out of Revelstoke. When you need to get to the ski hill, we’ve got you covered. Need to get to the airport? Yeah, we’ve got that too. Want to get to the Big Eddy? We take care of that as well. And if you need to arrange a different journey, we have ways to get you there. The bottom line is Revelstoke doesn’t need to get you Revelstuck, follow this guide to know when to use what, and take the worry out of travel.

Stoke Shuttle

Are you relying on your buddy Dave to wake up at 6 a.m. to take you to the airport for that 9 a.m. flight? Or hoping that your Rideshare will pull through even though you’ve never met, and have no way to guarantee that they’ll come? Still worse, compromising your safety for a driver who may be inexperienced in driving in unpredictable weather conditions? How about relying on something you can trust. The Stoke shuttle is the only service of its kind in Revelstoke. It is a shuttle that operates at multiple times daily that takes you safely, and with ease, to and from Kelowna airport (minimum numbers required). We employ highly experienced drivers who are knowledgeable about the area and are usually living in Revelstoke. Each driver is required to have their Class 4 commercial license. They’re also chock-full of great personality and filled with the ever familiar Stoke that’s become synonymous with living in this tiny beautiful town. With options ranging from 6 a.m. with late returns to Revelstoke till 10 p.m., you will likely find a time that suits your needs. And in a vehicle that is regularly inspected, trusted, and reliable; this is the definition of excellent service at a fair price.
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Private Transfers

Want it your way? We can do that too! If you would prefer point to point pick up on your time, your schedule, and your location, private transfers are the perfect way to travel in style. Using our luxury SUVs, we can take you from here to wherever your next destination might be. Let our agents provide you with a quote from here to Lake Louise. Yeah, we can do that. Our private transfers are perfect for events, Bachelor parties, weddings, or any other point to point transportation needs you might have. This service is the ultimate option in ease, flexibility, and comfort. You know what you want, and we can help you get there.
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Resort Express

You’ve got your season’s pass to the ski resort, all your gear and that can-do attitude in tow. You’ve got everything ready for your all-time ski season, but you forgot one glaring necessity. How on earth are you going to get to and from the ski resort every day? You don’t have a car, but even if you did the parking lots fill up fast and that also means you can say goodbye to apres at the Mac or Rockford. Well never fear because the Resort Express is here! Operating at high volumes during peak hours and more throughout the day, you can take the guesswork, stress, and responsibility out of your ski season. You can even grab a seasons pass for the Resort Express that covers you all winter long. The Resort Express has pickups all over town and out of town. And with stops in Columbia Park and the Big Eddy, the Resort Express is the safest and simplest choice you can make all day. So you can focus your time on vital decisions, like finding that perfect pair of googles.
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BC Transit

Need to get somewhere else in town? BC Transit is now operated by Everything Revelstoke, which means you can expect the same great service, quality, and reliability we offer through all of our transportation services. Whatever the season, whatever the need this service is here for you when you need it most. Get to your doctor’s appointment, get to the mechanic, get to the bar, we don’t judge. And you can expect the same friendly and knowledgeable faces you grew fond of from the Resort Express to the Stoke Shuttle and in and around town. These drivers are well trained and well-versed in the area making this trip something you can count on.

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