Revelstoke is lucky to be nestled in between many hot springs and hot pools that are available to the public, which carry an array of healing benefits and let’s face it, is a stunning way to spend an afternoon or evening. Hot springs are said to help relieve tense and sore muscles, have anti-inflammatory properties and also have restorative benefits, making them the perfect way to recover from skiing, sledding or other strenuous activities. So after some of the best skiing of your life or a much-needed rest day, enjoy a soak in one of these beautiful hot springs.

Crazy Creek Hot Pools

Crazy Creek, located west of Revelstoke on Highway 1, would not classify as a Hot Spring, but these pools are geothermally heated and the water itself is collected from a glacier-fed well found at the base of Eagle pass mountain, and so still do the trick to relieve tired and overworked muscles. Overlooking mountains and a waterfall in the distance, these sulphur free pools vary in temperature, allowing you to choose which is most ideal for your needs and preferences, and it is always crystal clear. Come feel refreshed and recharged on the way to Sicamous from Revelstoke!

Canyon Hot Springs

Located between Glacier National Park and Mount Revelstoke National Park, Canyon Hot Springs comes equipped with two mineral pools; one hot pool at 40 degrees and the other, a swimming pool is set at 32 degrees. These pools are situated near lots of forest, mountains and nature. Some of the minerals found in the pools are: calcium, magnesium, sulphate, chloride, silica and fluoride and are said to have many untold health benefits. You can take in a soak, and enjoy one of their many accommodation styles, camping, cabins and even lodges, and there is tons of forestry and natural landscape to explore in the surrounding area, the area is open from May through to September, so for a winter getaway, check out some of the other names on this list.

Photo: @misspaiget

Halcyon Hot Springs

Arguably the most picturesque view a hot spring could have, Halcyon takes hot springs to a whole other level. This facility has a waterfront location, and in a word, the views are breathtaking. In the distance, you can see Arrow Lake and the Monashee Mountain range. The water from this hot spring is said to be particularly pure, so much so that it used to be bottled and shipped to Europe. It was known to have healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and people are still able to take advantage of the health benefits today. The place also has a range of accommodation from cabin to suite if you were looking to make a weekend getaway out of it. There is also a fabulous restaurant and spa services available on site for the ultimate experience of wellness and relaxation.

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Halfway Hot Springs

Are you looking for the real deal when it comes to natural hot springs? Well, this is it.

These springs are found right in the thick of it all, smack dab in the forest surrounded by a rushing river and a cliff edge. These man-made pools are possible through a collection of tubes that carry the spring water to several different areas, all varying in temperature. It is the most disconnected and in the bush, but with that, it is the most challenging of the springs on the list to get to. You will need to drive a 4 by 4 and have decent footwear to get down to the springs. In recent years, they have added stairs to make it more accessible which is a huge plus, but you’d still want to wear runners. The work is definitely worth the reward. The pools are beautiful, relaxing and steamy. The view is unbeatable, and the feeling of being out in nature and away from the hustle and bustle is all time. If you can put the work in, this would be a top shelf experience.