With a deep-rooted culture of active living and outdoor sports-enthusiasm, sensed everywhere from the summit of mountains to quaint streets in-town, Revelstoke is a place to get moving. Hiking, Biking, skiing and climbing make up some of the most common and preferred pastimes for tourists, seasoners and residents. In maintaining such an active lifestyle, there is an important role in fitness, strength and endurance to ensure long term enjoyment of these activities. If your routines include improving strength, flexibility and agility, or you’re looking for ways to get fit through trained instructors, then enjoy this guide to indoor fitness in Revelstoke.

Trans Canada Fitness

The only fully-equipped fitness center in Revelstoke, Transcanada fitness has 2 stories of weights and workout equipment plus a cardio loft up top. The lower section has an older selection of equipment that is still solid and is still frequented for unique exercise machines that help to advance specific training and fitness goals. Upstairs has newer equipment and a variety of benches, weight machines and a plethora of free weights for all levels. This place is ideal if you want to get in shape, tone up or even recover from an injury. The facility is well spaced out and large enough to find a machine you want to use without too much of a wait if any. The gym offers personal trainers if you’re looking to work on technique, form, or want someone who can guide you through your weight loss journey. 


If you haven’t heard of CrossFit or know what it entails, it’s high-intensity interval training meant to give an all-round boost to fitness. It includes aerobic activities as well as strength training. Both necessary to enjoy and explore Revelstoke’s wondrous landscape and engage in all the most rewarding activities.  If you’re looking to shed a few pounds and get in better shape to maintain a high level of activity, you might be inclined to attend the CrossFit class in Revelstoke. Located on Powerhouse road Crossfit Revelstoke while both challenging and rewarding, require a decent level of physical fitness and might not be ideal for specific injuries. It is, however, perfect for those who like to push the limits in a class as much as they do on the mountain. 

Balu Yoga & Wellness

Many people seek out yoga as their form of fitness to gain flexibility, to stretch after a long day riding or hiking the mountains, and for general wellbeing. In the winter especially, people flock indoors in the evening to warm up and give their body some much needed TLC. Balu is the longest existing yoga studio in town and remains a favourite due to highly trained and passionate instructors, consistent and tailored schedules with the communities needs in mind and a gorgeous space people love to get centred in. Located on First Street, Balu is here for anyone who wants to try out a new activity or those returning to the mat. They modify poses to suit differing needs and can help to stretch out tight muscles while building strength. And if you’re still needing more relief, Balu also has massage service that can take your recovery and relaxation further. 

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The Alchemy Studio

An up and coming studio, Alchemy does so much more than bring yoga to the Revelstoke community. The Alchemy Studio offers classes that promote holistic movement which include yoga classes taught by an exceptional team of instructors who are passionate about bringing healthy movement into your practice while building strength. Beyond yoga, they also offer Pilates, Barre, Bootcamp and many other class styles that can help keep you fit while having fun. Located on Douglas Street, the studio is committed to making you feel good, which includes massage and physiotherapy. So if repair and recovery are also part of your health and wellness journey, The Alchemy Studio will be a valuable resource when training for your great outdoor adventures.

Aquatics & Fitness Centre

With a strong sense of community felt in Revelstoke, it’s only fitting for the Community Centre to offer fitness programs and classes to satisfy the ever-active residents who seek it out. Often more affordable or cost-effective than their counterparts, The Revelstoke Aquatics and Fitness center provides services for children right through to seniors. There is a fitness center available with some fitness equipment and free weights, as well as fitness classes based on the time of year. The aquatics center includes a lap pool, sauna, steam room, and recreational pool and offers Aquafit classes as well. This facility is perfect for those who prefer low resistance exercise or are recovering from injuries. Located at the start of the green belt, this option is perfect for the whole family; they will be hard-pressed to find one place with as many options.