I grew up in a big city where going out to eat meant a taste of culture, variety and a social event. So when I moved to Revelstoke, having good restaurant options was high on my list of priorities. Luckily for me and you, Revelstoke delivers on culturally varied restaurants and high-quality meals. If you are wondering what some of the best and must visit restaurants in town are, look no further than our list of the best restaurants in Revelstoke below!

10 - Mountain Meals

With just a few tables, you might feel like taking your meal to go, but I have enjoyed a mushroom pot pie sitting in front of the window and I still think about it to this day. Mountain Meals has nutrition meals made in house daily ready to be taken on your next outdoor adventure. The vibe to me says “eat healthy, on the go, and get moving” The perfect place to grab a bite and head to the hill or go for a hike or bike, I love their breakfast burritos, and their takeaway homemade soups. Mountain Meals offers something a little different than what everyone else in town is doing and I’m all for it.

9 - Chubby Funsters

This restaurant does creativity and variety like no other place in town. They have tons of culturally inspired dishes as well as fusion food and there aren’t many things you could order on the menu that isn’t a home run. The menu is robust and very well priced for the portions. The restaurant itself screams welcoming and relaxed by boasting a pretty chill pub vibe, but the food is far more sophisticated than the environment would suggest which is always a delightful surprise. Try the butternut squash soup, it is the perfect starter to almost any dish on the menu.

Check out their menu Here

8 - Quartermaster

If you walk by Quartermaster most nights of the week, you’ll find a full house. This is attributed to excellent service, a sophisticated menu, and cocktails prepared and displayed like pieces of art. Like many restaurants on this list, you would expect to find a restaurant of this calibre in a big city, being all the buzz, and creating lineups out the door. Luckily for us, this restaurant is nestled right in the heart of downtown Revelstoke and is frequented by locals and visitors alike. They have without a doubt some of the biggest, most flavourful burgers around, piled high with amazing mouthwatering toppings; and their vegetarian burger is definitely something to write home about. As a starter, I usually go for the Calamari. But if it’s a main I’m after, any of the burgers are an absolute smash. Grab it with a local beer or fancy cocktail and enjoy your night on the town!

Check out their menu Here

7 - Nico’s

Pizza and Poutine, need I say more? With a few pizza shops in town, Nico’s is a stand out performance for awesome and fresh toppings, great apres vibe and poutine Mondays. The staff are awesome and the food is well priced in a town that sometimes seems a little out of our price range. Hit up the spot that’s so welcoming, you might think everyone will know your name.

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6 - Taco Club

Loaded with super fresh ingredients, Taco Club delivers the good on delicious tacos and burritos. It combines well thought out, but at times unexpected pairings with the classic Mexican spices and taste you’d expect from a Taco joint. They have grilled and crispy options for some of my favourites, the avocado, shrimp and fish tacos. I typically opt for the crispy because, well, yum. To me, restaurants are all about indulging, but if you were looking for something on the healthier side, the grilled options are super mouthwatering and fresh on the pallet. The atmosphere is one of my favourites in town, displaying lots of local artwork, is brightly coloured and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. It can get busy in here and for good reason; so order a jug of sangria, or one of their imported Mexican beers and go nuts on a burritos, enchilada, or signature taco!

Check out their menu Here

5 - Bierhaus

Bierhaus is known for its wide selection of craft beers, but this list would not be complete without mentioning their world famous Mac N Cheese. This place might honestly prepare the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. Tons of different varieties, it is the perfect pairing to the ever-changing beer menu. The bar/restaurant also has games to play like Jenga to keep your weekend or weeknight evening lively and exciting. If Mac N Cheese is a little heavy for you, their salad bowls are also out of this world!

Check out their menu Here

4 - Main Street Cafe

Breakfast, thy name is Main Street Cafe. Without a doubt the best breakfast spot in town. Friendly staff, free coffee refills and honestly some of the best eggs benedicts I’ve ever had. The name of the game for Main Street is consistency. I love to order a delicious meal and it tastes just as good the first time as the 10th, Main Street Cafe does my Garden Eggs Benny just the way I like it. Their hollandaise sauce is the envy of all the other breakfast spots. This atmosphere is like you’re in your mother’s kitchen waiting for her famous hearty breakfasts. Did I mention the side of home fries is some of the best I’ve ever had? While some places put all their energy into one aspect of the dish while other parts are left wanting, I literally clear my plate every time I go because everything on it is so well prepared. Go for a leisurely Sunday, but get there early because it can fill up fast!

3 - La Baguette

From humble beginnings as a coffee shop offering pastries and hearty snacks, this place has grown into one of the most popular restaurants in town; and for good reason. This place serves as an awesome breakfast or lunch spot, and with their fairly recent expansion, dinner is also off the charts. I used to regularly opt for a Bree LT, all dressed with a chai latte. Not only do the ingredients dance on your tongue, the lattes are amazing and what’s best is La Baguette offers some of the best bang for your buck in town! The portions are big and the prices are super reasonable. And dinner is no exception, their pizzas have locals and tourists alike flocking to one of their two locations; one at the base of the ski hill and the other right near downtown. Finish your meal with one of their amazing gelato flavours, all made from scratch in house by one of their many amazing, friendly staff. This restaurant experience carries the simplicity of ordering from the cash register and combines that with some of the best food in town!

Check out their menu Here

2 - Paramjit’s Kitchen (Pam’s)

Looking for an Indian fix? The restaurant boasts authentic Indian cuisine, prepared in house. As soon as you walk into this restaurant the aromas are inviting and warm. There are tons of vegetarian as well as meat options available; the Chana Masala is my absolute favourite. I love their samosas as well, this place does Indian well; they staff their kitchen with knowledgeable cooks experienced with Indian cuisine which makes the food so tasty you’ll want to sample the entire menu. Believe me, I have, it DID NOT disappoint. This is absolutely a repeat restaurant for me, and my guess is it will be for you too.

Check out their menu Here

1 - Kawakubo

I am a sushi fanatic, so moving to a small town where sushi could so easily be hit or miss I was worried about my sushi options. Kawakubo has been a shining beacon in my food world. This restaurant is without a doubt my favourite in town. They have some of the freshest fish, classics you would love, unique options you didn’t know existed and a presentation and attention to detail not found anywhere else. I love this restaurant for their wide selection and truly authentic feeling Japanese vibe. The food is consistently good and I truly can’t get enough. If you are a sushi lover, or just a food lover in general Kawakubo should not be missed on your visit, it could end up being the highlight of your trip!

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