Revelstoke has a ton of different local scenes. The music scene is inspiring, the ski scene is legendary, and the coffee scene is beyond expectation for a town of 8000+ residents. And similar to the other scenes, Revelstoke loves to push the envelope with creativity and sophistication. What’s nice about the Revelstoke coffee scene is that you won’t find a cookie cutter design for the java huts dispersed all around town. They all have their own unique flavours and vibes, and as such, attract different customers and crowds. Have a look at our guide to the best coffee shop and enjoy your latte with a side of delicious!

The Modern

A warm and welcoming shop in town, The Modern may remind you of grandmas kitchen, where she would bake her famous apple pie and let it cool on a window sill. Its simple design pairs well with an inviting atmosphere and friendly staff. The selection makes this a popular choice for many Revelstoke residents or those popping through town for an espresso and a sweet treat. They do coffees, lattes and other beverages well. The highlight for most people is the baked goods. Try and walk by all the yummy desserts without buying a hippie bomb, peanut butter cookie or cupcake. If you are looking for something healthier, they have daily deals for yummy salads and pastas. Try the glory bowl on a Thursday, it will not disappoint.

Dose Coffee

This isn’t your grandmas coffee shop. Dose came on the scene roughly three years ago when a couple of Australian local residents wanted to try something different. They opened a trendy local coffee shop where people could hang out and would have a great food menu to match. Dose delivers up a hearty helping of flair and fusion, and to some, blows their counterparts out of the water. Their coffee is well known and loved in the community for freshness and is typically darker grounds. They offer tons of milk alternative for those who are living a dairy-free life; and of course, they have a ton of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan meal options to satisfy the local dietary preferences. Some personal favourites are the smashed avocado, the shakshuka or the gourmet grilled cheeses which I will admit I have tried to recreate all at home at least a time or two. This place is typically filled with the younger, trendier crowd in town and the soft intentional music plays in the background perfectly to the ambiance they are looking to obtain. You will find many people working out of there as their pseudo office and enjoying a latte, or americano. This place is a beloved favourite among the ski crowd, so expect a full house at most times of the day.

Terra Firma's Kitchen

If you’re looking to sample the best local produce Revelstoke has to offer then new kids on the block Terra Firma’s Kitchen have got you covered. As Revelstoke’s only farm-to-table eatery they source their ingredients from their very own farm, as well as other like-minded farmers nearby. The menu is based on what’s in season so it is ever changing and evolving (giving us all a very good excuse to keep going back!). From pancakes and french toast to farmhouse breakfasts and brown butter benny’s – this is a great place to come for brunch. The varied lunch menu will also have you drooling – whether it’s a market sandwich to go (consisting of “whatever we are excited about from the market or farm”, or the fanciest baked beans you’ll every try (featuring pork shoulder, mojo verde, molasses baked beans, feta and toast). Oh, and don’t even get me started on their sweet treats and baked goods… There’s a reason they’re the first thing you see when you walk in the cafe – it’s virtually impossible to walk away without being tempted!

Conversation Coffee

Every coffee shop in town has its place and Conversations is no exception. Located across the street from the Taco Club, Conversations has become the second home to the older generation in town who aren’t looking for too many frills or complications when trying to get a coffee. This place is simple, welcoming and not too fussy. They’ve got plenty of seating available for their guests and people know what to expect when they come into Conversations. I’ve gone in there for a smoothie and a sandwich on occasion and am always happy with my experience that comes with pleasant staff who are friendly and cheerful to anyone who walks through the door. Their food options are more simplistic then their more inventive counterparts but if you bask in the familiar and would like an uncomplicated coffee experience, this might just be the place for you!

La Baguette

Strong and proudly Quebecois, La Baguette originate on the scene as a distinct but small coffee shop favoured in town for their fluffy and hearty breads, bagels and desserts. In the two years I’ve lived in town, I have seen this charming place grow and evolve into a full-blown restaurant beloved by locals and passersby. Their menu is unique and imaginative. Their coffees, teas and espressos are favoured in town as some of the best quality and value you will see around. Their breakfast is a home run, and their desserts are clearly made by competent and sophisticated staff who appeal to a more refined palette who enjoy the finer things in life but don’t want to necessary pay top dollar for a truffle. My standard order would be a chai latte (which they nail every since time) and the west coast bagel, or if the time is right their french onion soup. Need I say more? They have a specific and deliberate position on flavor and style. This place gets packed for breakfast lunch, and now even dinner with their selection of pizzas and pasta. La Baguette can do no wrong. It’s a must visit and will likely become part of your regular morning routine too!


If old reliable is more your wheelhouse, Revelstoke also has more chain restaurants whose menu you may be more familiar with. Located on Hwy 1. you can find a cluster of fast food and chain restaurants including A&W, Denny’s, Subway and McDonald’s. They also have coffee shop chains like Tim Horton’s, and for this list, Starbucks. When you just need your vanilla bean latte, or maybe you want to try one of their holiday drinks that are all the rage, Starbucks may be your go-to. It’s ideal for a quick trip out of the downtown core since you can quickly pull into the drive through and be on your way to your next adventure.