Walking into an adventure centre is like walking into your favourite fast-food restaurant and being tempted by everything displayed on the menu boards. That’s how I felt when I walked into Everything Revelstoke – suddenly; I had a hunger for adventure and fun. I was impressed at the number of activities in Revelstoke, how much EvvRev (so they like to call it) had to offer and how simply they had presented it in a menu-like display. It’s bright and vibrant inside Everything Revelstoke and the adventure menu boards make it easy to see what is available and at what price points.

As I stood chatting with General Manager, Rich Eden my eyes couldn’t help wandering around looking at all the options and envisioning myself doing each one. An outdoor enthusiast but certainly not an adventure expert, I’ve done a handful of activities they offer such as golf, mountain biking, and skiing so thinking about kayaking, rock climbing, or paragliding got my heart rate up wondering what these experiences would be like and if I could do them? Fortunately, everyone will soon be able to get an inside look at their full adventure menu with the launch of EvvRev TV – a new online video series that will showcase two different activities per show with the first of 5 summer episodes going live on Thursday, July 4 and a winter series to follow. Like many, I want to know as much about the experience beforehand so this will be a handy tool for visiting tourists looking online.

Adventure Centre

The Many Adventure Activities in Revelstoke

It wasn’t until I familiarized myself with Everything Revelstoke that I was considering expanding my adventure palate. It’s not that I haven’t known that all these activities exist in Revelstoke, after all, it has a reputation for being an ‘Adventure Mecca’ but I had felt satiated with my familiar regime of recreational activities. When I was talking with Rich at their downtown Revelstoke location, a call came in for a rock climbing booking. Hearing Rich’s enthusiasm describing the experience to the guest was not only inspiring but contagious. All of a sudden I had this massive urge to paddle, climb, soar, and whatever else they could offer me but which one first? Rich explained that guests often feel this way – with so much to choose from it can seem overwhelming. He suggested I read each description and start out with the one that I was first drawn to. Naturally, for me, I chose the one I felt the most apprehensive about, figuring once I had that under my belt I could do anything. I’m now booked for my first kayaking experience and will report back in an upcoming blog!

Choosing the Right Adventure Combo

Lucky for me, I live in Revelstoke so I had an advantage when I went into Everything Revelstoke, knowing most of the adventure possibilities and just having to pick one. When you’re a visitor, however, and you come into town, there is so much to learn about all the attractions, adventures and activities in Revelstoke and putting together a comprehensive itinerary could mean a lot of legwork. The great thing about Everything Revelstoke is they are a one-stop shop and can book your airport transfer, hotel, and all the activities prior to your arrival. These guys are like your travel agent, activity director, and personal concierge all rolled into one! If you don’t have the luxury of planning ahead, they will certainly endeavour to book you into your desired activities but advanced booking is recommended particularly if you have specific activities in mind, especially during the summer and winter high seasons.

There’s no doubt that coming to an adventure-rich, travel destination like Revelstoke is thrilling and you’ll want to take full advantage of your visit. Putting the right itinerary together for you or your family can be tricky and tedious so save yourself the hassle and connect with Everything Revelstoke – they truly have everything you need!