Turn your vacation into your own personal yoga retreat!

Through an experienced team of yoga instructors, we can bring you yoga classes in the comfort of your accommodation, with a variety of class styles suitable for all abilities. You can prepare for mountain sports with a warm up class specifically designed to help improve athletic performance or indulge in a class that helps you recover, relax and rejuvenate. Each and every session is tailored to your personal preferences with consideration given to physical limitations. Your yoga instructor will consult with you before your class begins to ensure that you have the best possible experience!

Available classes

Vitalize Vinyasa – A vinyasa flow syncing breath and movement to increase vitality.

Release & Restore – A slow class to help muscle recovery, stretch out and release tension.

Yin & Tonic – A gentle therapeutic practice to refresh and rejuvenate.

Power Play – Powerful and playful practice, ending in a deep shavasana.

Bhakti Bliss – A class with influences from traditional yoga styles and philosophy.

Prepare & Warm – A comprehensive warm up designed to improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.