The start of any ski trip is one of the most exciting times of year for us ski fanatics, especially when exploring a new resort. Revelstoke is famous among the ski community for its epic glades, wide open bowls and its smooth fast groomers, there truly is something for every type of skier at RMR. With so much to choose from, we’ve put together a collection of 8 of our favourite runs, ranging from the easier beginner/intermediate greens and blues to epic expert blacks.

Snow Rodeo

One of our favourite warm-up runs, Snow Rodeo stretches pretty much the height of the entire resort, from the top of the Stoke Chair all the way down to the Last Spike, which funnels back to the bottom of the Gondola. Snow Rodeo starts as a black at the top of the mountain and mellows out to a sweeping blue about halfway down; be sure to check out the Stihl Life Glades on the left-hand side about a third of the way down and you can also hit the bottom of Aspen Glades just before Mid Mountain Lodge, epic!

Critical Path

Another super fun warm-up run, Critical Path is an easier Blue that sits on the other side of the Gondola to Snow Rodeo (hang a left when you’re at the top of the Stoke Chair). While Critical Path is a fun run in and of itself, it’s also an important run to familiarize yourself with as it leads directly to the Ripper Connector, giving you access to The Ripper Chair without having to take the steeper black runs of North Bowl from the top of the Stoke Chair.

The Last Spike

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing for your first run, we thoroughly recommend RMR’s longest run, The Last Spike. An easy green, this run winds down the front side of the mountain for over 15kms and offers skiers and boarders alike some of the most spectacular views of the valley floor and surrounding mountain range. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the runs that intersect the Last Spike if you want something a little faster; check out Feller Buncher and 007 on the bottom half of the mountain, both are short runs that lead directly back to The Last Spike.

Terrain Park

Just after The Last Spike crosses under The Stoke Chair, head straight and look out for the Terrain Park. One of the newer areas on the mountain, the Terrain Park showcases a range of features from easier table top jumps to giant kickers, along with several rails catering to a range of abilities. The Terrain Park leads back to the bottom of the Stoke Chair so you can either do a few laps of the park or head up to the top of the mountain for our next suggestion.


Ok, so you’re warmed up and looking for something a little more adventurous! Take a right off the Stoke Chair, past the entrance to Snow Rodeo and keep traversing until you hit the boundary rope; you’re now at the bottom of South Bowl. The runs themselves are fast blacks and the glades either side of both runs are some of the most fun on the mountain. If you’re looking to get back on the Stoke Chair make sure you don’t miss the Ninja Traverse or you’ll be heading all the way back down to Mid Mountain to catch the gondola!

Separate Reality

This epic area sits just beneath the ridge that looks over to North Bowl. Featuring both tight and open areas, if you can get to Separate Reality first thing in the morning this will be one of the best runs of the day. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can also traverse a little higher off the Stoke Chair and hit Vertigo, which runs right down the ridgeline to the Ripper Connector, from there you can either head over to the Ripper Chair or back to the Stoke Chair.

North Bowl/Greely Bowl

If you’ve hit all of the above, you had a good explore of the front side of the mountain, now it’s time for the backside. Take a left off the Stoke Chair, and get ready to traverse! If you want to hit the higher runs like Powder Assault and hit the entry to Greely Bowl, you’ll need to hike up a little, but if you’re not in the mood for walking, you can still hit the lower entries to North Bowl by traversing over the top of Separate Reality. If you want to lap this area you’ll need to head up the Ripper Chair and then take the Ripper Connector back to the Stoke Chair, it’s a mission, but totally worth it!

Kill the Banker

Last, but most certainly not least, Kill the Banker is one of the more challenging runs on the mountain and sits directly underneath the Revelation Gondola. Not for the faint-hearted, heading down Kill the Banker gives you access to the Conifers of Gnarnia Glades, a double black filled with pillow lines and drops to give any expert skier a run for their money. This gladded area funnels back to the Last Spike which leads back to Mid Mountain where you can grab a well-deserved bit to eat and a local Begbie beer!