Everyone has their own perfect breakfast. Some say eggs benny, some argue a yogurt parfait is the way to go, and who doesn’t love the classic bacon and eggs special?  Breakfast has a sentimental place in the hearts of many: it’s sought after as a way to connect with friends, engage in some remote work over a scone, or even to have a moment of solitude before the onslaught of the day’s responsibilities take over. Whatever the catalyst, only the best of the best will do. Featured below is the best brunch and breakfast spots in Revelstoke. Try them all and judge for yourself where the best place is to fuel up before hitting the office, or the slopes.

Main Street Cafe

Cozy, unassuming, and reliable are some of the terms that could describe Main Street Cafe. It is located in the heart of downtown Revelstoke and is a favorite among seasoners and long-time residents. They’ve got all the classics; different options for egg’s benedict – ranging from meaty bennies to their vegetarian counterparts. In terms of consistency, Main Street has their recipes down to an unwavering art form. You can opt to carb load on pancakes, crepes, or waffles while still having a nice helping of fruit to balance out. It might be your secret ingredient in tackling the next great mountain adventure. If that wasn’t enough to get you out the door, their coffee and specialty drinks are all the rage in town. It’s worth the trip, and your time. Wait’s can often be longer than anticipated, but the general opinion is that the food is well worth the wait. If you’re in a pinch and need to get in and out quickly, save Main Street for another time and opt elsewhere for quicker service.

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La Baguette

A local and tourist favorite ranging from early breakfast to late dinners, La Baguette has stolen the hearts and filled the bellies of countless locals and passersby. Comprising of indoor and outdoor seating, this is the type of place to pass by for a quick bite or spend the morning chatting and connecting with friends over the past week’s news and updates. The energy is lively and inviting here, and you can expect to feel a strong sense of community from staff and customers. If the ambiance weren’t appealing enough, the food would knock your socks off! Bread and bagels are made in house daily and are the perfect start to one of their classic breakfast items. They’ve got yummy pastries, fresh bagel sandwiches, soups, salads, and other great options that are delicious and reliable. They also have a menu of different weekly offerings that are inventive and scrumptious. The coffees, lattes, and other beverages are fresh and come from premium quality products. You can expect quality and superb value here, but be aware this place can fill up fast. You might find the biggest challenge to be finding adequate space to enjoy your brunch during peak hours.

Dose Coffee

Clean eating, trendy, and quality are some words used to describe Dose Coffee. In reality, you can expect much more than a few synonyms. Located on First Street, this cozy coffee shop has incredible breakfast options, including healthy bowls, unique takes on classic dishes, sandwiches, desserts, and coffee so good, it will have you coming back for more. Dose Coffee is a bit different than other breakfast spots in Revelstoke in terms of food selection and variety. You won’t find as many traditional breakfast options. Still, you can indulge in curated choices that are tasty, healthy, and typically cater to the variety of dietary preferences that exist in Revelstoke. You can definitely expect a few vegan and vegetarian options. Otherwise, they are happy to modify dishes to accommodate specific diets. The highlight of Dose will be the ambiance as well as the coffee. Folks rave about the flat white, the dark roast, and lots of health-boosting teas and specialty drinks. The staff is helpful, and the cozy cafe is warm and welcoming. You can expect a positive experience in an inviting setting. Some items can be pricier than other breakfast restaurants, but those who are fans of the local cafe will tell you the quality and portions are well worth every penny!

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Old School Eatery

Tucked away inside Revelstoke’s old elementary school building, you will find one of the newer restaurants making waves in the food scene. Old School Eatery delivers excellent meals for any time of day but serves up some of the best brunches in Revelstoke. Inside the school and to the right, adjacent to Jones Distillery, you will find a transformed restaurant with heaps of character and a unique menu to match. The pride of Old School Eatery is their culinary expertise, and it translates into some unforgettable dishes. The chicken and waffles are all the rave, brunch cocktails, eggs benny with a twist are just some of the delicious options you will have at Old School. The large windows overlook mountains and the Columbia River. It’s a place you might come back a 2nd or 3rd time merely to try all the delectable items you had to pass on during your first trip out here. This new favorite may become your “old reliable” in no time.

Big Bend Cafe

If your looking for heaping portions at a reasonable price, Big Bend Cafe might be a perfect choice. Uncomplicated with a no-frills sort of attitude can be felt the second you walk in. The food is good, classic breakfasts you know and love. Located on Mackenzie street, beside Taco Club, Big Bend cafe could be your favorite breakfast spot in Revelstoke if you appreciate value, full breakfast, and bottomless tea. There you’ll find indoor and outdoor seating that can accommodate large and small groups. This place is ideal for families or folk who know what they want and don’t like to overcomplicate breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and pancakes? Yes, please.