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Guided Backcountry Skiing

Guided Backcountry Skiing Revelstoke

Revelstoke Backcountry is infamous among the ski touring community. Our guides know the area like the backs of their hands and are fully accredited by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). Top professionals in the industry, our number one priority is to be safe, conscientious and respectful mountain travelers. Our passion is founded in a love for the mountains: from shredding pow and having fun, to teaching others how to get out there safely. Winter 2016/2017  Guided Backcountry Skiing trips will consist of trips based out of Blanket Glacier Chalet, Revelstoke, Rogers Pass and various locations in the Canadian Rockies.  Prices vary depending on group size.

Guided Backcountry

Guided Backcountry Skiing

Trips are customized to your group; if you’re fit and experienced, we can sort a big day out, hit some dope lines, crush out a couple of laps. If you’re (be honest) a little huffy-puffy, ALL GOOD – we’re just going to take it at a more human pace in mellow trees or cool slack-country. Judgment-free. Prices are exclusive of GST.


1 person – $548
2 people – $598 ($298 each)
3 people – $744 ($248 each)
4 people – $792 ($198 each)
5 people – $875 ($175 each)
6 people – $888 ($148 each)
7 people - $1036 ($148 each)
8 people - $1184 ($148 each)
9 people - $1332 ($148 each)
10 people - $1480 ($148 each)

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